Top Pet-Friendly Cities (Part III)

The best places around for you and your furry friend

San Francisco, CA

Residing in a city that’s hard to walk in can turn your everyday dog walks into a bother. That is not an issue in San Francisco. As the third-most walkable city in the U.S., you don’t have to look for a park to take your dog for its regular walk. But if you do like parks, San Francisco has those as well. There are around four dog parks per 100,000 residents in San Francisco. The city also ranked high on the list due to things like dog-friendly shopping centers and dog-friendly restaurants.

The biggest downside is the cost of living in San Francisco. The median home in San Francisco is valued at over one million. This means you have to find a really, really good-paying job to afford the mortgage and caring for your doggie.

Chicago, IL

The Windy City takes a top spot, an improvement over past performances. Chicago has a huge walkability score, dog friendly-restaurants, and dog-friendly shopping centers. In all those findings, Chicago has a top ranking.

While Chicago’s other scores are not anything to brag about, they’re no worse than average. The city is somewhat affordable, ranking average for home value and the average for yearly precipitation.

Denver, CO

Denver ranks high on the list. The Mile High City has plenty of fabulous dog-friendly hiking trails to have fun with your dog. But, there’s more than just the hills to have a good time with your dog in Denver. This city ranks at the top for other reasons. Denver’s highpoints include the most dog-friendly shopping centers of all the cities researched and the highest walkability score.

The only thing that you might frown about in Denver is its affordability. Housing costs have been skyrocketing in recent years. For this one, based on the current research, Denver ranks pretty low.