Top Cities for Seniors to Retire (Part I)


Where should you retire? This question has several various answers as there are people asking. But before we get to where let’s look at a few important factors that will help you narrow your search. Some of these will weigh more substantial than others.

Cost of Living

For most seniors, affordability is the most crucial factor when determining where to live. What is the median income? What is the median home cost? What is the total local and state tax burden? Does the state tax pension, IRAs, etc.? What is the state’s total cost of living? If you’re planning to work part-time, does the city have a low unemployment rate?

Friends and Family

How vital is it to live near friends and family? Do you want to live within driving distance of your grandchildren? Do you want to have your old friends around you? Or do you want to make new friends?

Florida is a good state for seniors to retire in


Are you tired of wet, cold winters? Look at the Southwest or South. Don’t like hot, long summers? Try the upper Midwest or Northeast. Does the humidity aggravate your arthritis? Consider a state like New Mexico or Arizona in the dry Southwest. Coastal areas in states such as Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia might have many tropical storms and hurricanes.

Are you ready to handle possible evacuations, boarding up the windows of your house, and other safety measures? Insurance costs in hurricane zones can be extreme. Northeastern states have cold and long winters with little sunshine.


You now have a lot of time on your hands. How do you want to spend it? Gambling? Golfing? Fishing? Mountain biking? Hiking? Volunteering? Do you already have hobbies that you desire to continue? Or do you want to try something new? Get a feel for that city or town’s community by doing some online research.