Real Estate Apps Every Investor Should Have

Having to get from one place to another with a map? How truly a pain! Or having to purchase a cassette tape or 8-track just to listen to music in your car! Outrageous!

Thankfully for us, we don’t have to live in the dark ages and most investors carry around cellphones or other fancy electronic devices that allow us to access incredible amounts of information at a moment’s notice.

While most people use their phones to play games or stay on Facebook for long lengths of time, there are a number of truly great business applications. As a real estate professional, there are several apps that can be really great in helping you with your real estate business.

Whether you are a real estate agent, a real estate investor, or just work in the industry, the following apps can be used to make your life simpler and productive.


The BiggerPockets App lets you to easily engage in the BiggerPockets forums, asking or answering questions about real estate anyplace and at any time.

For example, if you are out looking for properties and you come across a home with a big, dirty swimming pool, you can search a forum for others who have dealt with swimming pools or start your own discussion.

Networking doesn’t get much simpler than this.



MagicPlan is a very cool app I just recently learned about. It lets you use your phone to create custom floor plans by just shifting your iPad or phone around the room taking pictures. You only have to use the camera to move around the room.

MagicPlan automatically maps out the room. For investors, this app easily and swiftly creates floor plans. Also, landlords can fabricate floor plans rapidly to include in their listings. If you are selling your home or business, you can include the floor plans.