Most Affordable Neighborhoods with the Best Schools (Part III)

Quality schools with affordable housing are at the top of your list

Oakridge Elementary School-Oklahoma City, OK
> House payment pct. median income: 10.40%
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 34%
> Avg. home price: $61,246

Oakridge students, whose results on standardized tests were over 1/3 higher than their peers statewide have outshined in the wake of citywide drops in reading scores. One city official linked the decline with the lack of a 90-minute minimum reading instruction time, a fault in the curriculum in place until just recently.

While most cities with affordable housing and top schools were also home to well-educated adults, no more than 12% of adults in Oklahoma City had gotten at least a bachelor’s degree, way lower than the national rate of 28.0%. Also, under 17% of folks lived in poverty from 2008-12. However, the area’s unemployment rate is under 5.0% and has been for quite some time.

Trenton Elementary School-Trenton, IL
> House payment pct. median income: 9.10%
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 39%
> Avg. home price: $97,480

Trenton Elementary School students scored over 38% greater than the statewide average on Illinois’ standardized tests. And with less than 11% of the area’s projected median income was needed to make payments on a house, Trenton is a very affordable city with a number of high-performing schools. The normal home price in the area was under $100,000 and a typical household earns a projected $81,000.

Moreover, while Trenton is kind of far, somewhere around 30 miles, from St. Louis, the major city within its metro area, it is very close to Scott Air Force Base. It might be vital to know, especially if you’re job hunting in the area, the base is one of the biggest employers in the St. Louis metro area, maybe contributing to the very low unemployment rate of no more than 5%.