Most Affordable Neighborhoods with the Best Schools (Part II)

The best neighborhoods contain housing to fit your budget and quality school systems.

Monica B Leary Elementary School-Rush, NY
> House payment pct. median income: 14.05%
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 34%
> Avg. home price: $161,252

Like many other schools with high test scores in affordable areas, Monica B Leary Elementary is in a city just beyond a major urban area. In this case, families living in Rush are in traveling distance of Rochester, NY. This closeness might partly explain the elevated incomes in Rush, as urban areas usually have higher-paying jobs. One in 10 households in the area netted over $150,000 from 2008-2012.

Briarwood School-Rochester, NY
> House payment pct. median income: 13.90%
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 94%
> Avg. home price: $114,562

Families who reside in Rochester and have their children attend Briarwood School have the advantage of a quality primary school, low unemployment rates, affordable homes, and a well-educated community. For years, over 42% of adults in the area had at least a bachelor’s degree, as opposed to the national rate of 28.5%. A solid number of zip codes with strong-performing schools and affordable housing were situated in New York than in any other state.

Pine Brook Elementary School-Rochester, NY
> House payment pct. median income: 13.34%
> Pct. above state test score avg.: 51%
> Avg. home price: $89,326

Even though a standard household earns under an estimated $50,000 yearly, less than the national median, area residents were more than capable of acquiring affordable housing. An average residence in the Rochester area cost over $89,000.

Normal home payments were over 13.00% of the median income, more reasonably priced than a great number of areas examined.  And while adults in the area were no more likely than those nationwide to have a bachelor’s degree, students attending Pine Brook Elementary scored over 45% higher on standardized tests than the rest of New York state.