Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

You probably are a busy realtor who depends on word of mouth to find out about the greatest and latest apps. If so, do you know about the apps below? Here are a couple of top real estate apps that will support your business activities. There are apps for practices or tasks that you have yet to do even started, thinking they’re too difficult or expensive to have. No worries. These apps are free or have low, affordable prices.

Charlie App

This app will have you smiling. With the Charlie app, you’ll come into every meeting with background of everyone in the room.

The app researches your contacts, specifically those whom you’re in constant contact with. It provides you info on their professional background, company, personal interests, and any other pertinent news about them you should know.




If you have inbox overload and want a solution than can help keep track of it all, Cloze is the one to think about. After setup, the Cloze app integrates with email accounts, as well as calendars, social accounts and Evernote. The Cloze dashboard has a daily agenda that combines your inbox, calendar, to-do lists, and contacts into a simple to manage list. The app even skims emails with mentions of follow-up activities on a specific day. Looking for related documents and files? Cloze also provides a clickable history of communication from each contact with corresponding attachments.



Over 300 million users can’t be wrong about this one. DocuSign, the leader in electronic signature software, gets rid of the hassle, lack of security, and cost in paper-based transactions. Use DocuSign to finish approvals and agreements in hours—not days—from anywhere and on any electronic device. Securely and quickly retrieve and sign documents. Simply upload and send documents for others to sign. Send out reminders and check signing status anywhere, any time.