Basic Facts About Modular Homes (Part II)

There’s no limit on the design of a modular home.

Do all modular homes look alike?

Contrary to common misconception, modular homes don’t all look alike. Modular homes have no design restrictions. You can create any style of modular home you like, regardless if you want a the Mediterranean or a traditional center-hall colonial.

You can use any style of architectural detail or window that you want. Practically all host plans can be converted into modular homes, meaning you can fabricate your dream home.

How is a modular home built?

A factory-built home begins as sections that have been constructed in a climate-controlled area. The finished sections are moved to the building site and then put together with cranes. This procedure bears a resemblance to a child building with Legos. The one thing to remember is that modular homes can’t be moved after they have been set on their foundations.

If you are creating your own home, it’s critical to ask certain questions. Every manufacturer works under a distinctive set of guidelines. Modular homes offer thousands of individualized features such as solid-surface countertops, ceramic floors, exterior finishes, various cabinet styles and wood species, plumbing fixtures, etc. You can basically custom design your home.

Are modular homes more expensive than those built on-site?

Prefab homes can usually save you a lot of money. Since they are built in a factory, they can be constructed in weeks instead of months. Moreover, all inspections are done at the factory during every level of construction by a third-party inspector and are finished before the houses are transported to their permanent locations.

Though, it is vital to note, that the more multifaceted the specs and design, the more your house will cost. Ductwork, electrical, and plumbing are usually not a part of the initial pricing. Therefore, your final cost might be 20% more than the builder’s quote. You could also need to put in a basement, septic system, or natural gas. These will also raise the cost.